Corporate social responsibility

Doukas School Corporate Social Responsibility Program “ALL OF US CHANGE OUR WORLD” was designed and implemented based on the fundamental Principles of our Organization, which govern our broader philosophy. 

Social Contribution, Volunteering, Respect for the Environment, Empathy and many more, are Values ​​inextricably linked to our Organization’s culture. 

Values ​​that we disseminate every day to the students of our School, also through the Educational Program “LIFE SKILLS” 

Values ​​that are transformed into actions through the Corporate Social Responsibility Program and the undertaking of initiatives, which aim at informing and awakening the society at large. 

The purpose of the specific Program is to contribute to the handling of Social & Environmental issues by recognizing the responsibility that belongs to each of us individually as well as to our Organization as a whole. 

Let us not forget that Responsibility towards Society & the Environment concerns us all. What we do well today is a legacy for future generations, and our actions set an example for the younger ones to follow.