Human resources


The Human Resources Department of our Educational Organization coordinates and aligns the actions of the staff, designs and controls effective management systems and examines all labor related issues and the satisfaction of the personnel, in order to effectively manage the employees of our School.

Since 1917, in a course that exceeds 100 years, Doukas School has been a leader in the educational life of the country, through innovative approaches and pioneering programs for all levels. With a community of 1.500 students from Preschool to Senior High School, the International Baccalaureate, the GCE and the BTEC Foundation in Art, Design & Media Practice, with teachers who have won awards in Greece and abroad, with educational approaches that have received Greek and international recognition, Doukas School plays a leading role in Education.

About us…

As a multidimensional educational organization, we remain in the vanguard of Greek and international educational events through innovative programs, quality services and efficient processes.

We believe in the balance between Tradition and Progress.

Our aim is to constantly improve the quality of our services and go beyond the expectations of our students, their parents and our teachers, meeting at the same time, the needs of the society at large.

Our target is to educate Global Citizens with a Greek Identity, equipping them with 21st Century Skills,

We all work together to offer a School that is more Creative, more Enjoyable, more Useful and more Effective.

Our partners…

We seek to have in our team individuals who wish to play a key role within an Educational Organization of international prestige.

We are looking for partners willing to propose innovative approaches in the area of their ​​responsibility, attaching a positive sign to our services to students, parents and the society at large.

We value personalities who possess Knowledge, Skills and Values, in order to become members of a multidimensional Organization that promotes Progress drawing strength from Tradition.

Our partners are distinguished by passion and energy, creative thinking and dynamism, self-improvement and vision. They face every challenge as an opportunity to empower themselves and consider evaluation as a key factor in the development of their professional capabilities. They actively participate in seminars because they believe in lifelong learning. They consider quality as a key pillar of their professional behavior and adopt the procedures established by the Organization for its integrated operation.

All our partners take advantage of a set of benefits, but mainly of the privilege of being part of our large educational family.