The 7 keys to success

Tradition and Progress

We educate Citizens of the World with a Greek Identity. We build on standard traditional values ​​while applying modern teaching methods.

Every child is unique

We develop the personality of each of our students individually and provide them with knowledge, skills and values ​​required in the 21st century.

Safety and care

We provide safety implementing specific prevention and information procedures, both on everyday life and on online activities.

Highly Qualified Teachers 

We ensure the quality of the educational process through our highly qualified teaching staff and their ongoing training. We assess and being assessed on a daily basis, through specific processes that we have designed and implemented to improve our work.

Family environment

We attend to and support the needs of every child and every parent. We believe in creative partnership between Parent, Child and School, a family-based model.

High Admission and Distinctions Rates

We are proud of the very high percentage of our students who are admitted to Greek Universities as well as to prestigious Universities abroad.

Research and Innovation

We invest in research based on the philosophy of constant improvement. We collaborate with prestigious international educational organizations, take advantage of our participation in pioneering research projects, and introduce innovative practices.