Art & Design

With a comprehensive educational program that starts in Kindergarten and ends in Senior High School, IB, GCE and BTEC, the Art & Design Department shapes the artistic appreciation in children, presenting all forms of artistic creation and identifying talents and inclinations.

… at a glance

The Art & Design Department was established in order to enhance all the visual arts, art and design courses that are in place at the school: from Kindergarten to IB, the GCE, the BTEC Foundation in Art & Design as well as the Portfolio preparation department for studies abroad. All our students come in contact with various techniques and materials in order to understand the important and vital role that art and design play in this intensely visualized era. At the same time, they discover skills and talents that they highlight through these special courses. Thus, we cultivate theoretical knowledge while focusing on personal expression and the implementation of an artistic project, aiming at critical analytical thinking and understanding of the international visual environment.