Educational Model

Our Educational Model is based on the balance between Tradition and Progress, for a School that is more Creative, more Enjoyable, more Useful and more Effective.


For us, the Abilities that are shaped from Knowledge, Skills and Values, ​help our students become Global Citizens with a Greek Identity. Our goal is for them to build respect for themselves and others, respect for the environment, self-esteem, self-regulation of behavior by using rules and restrictions, joy, security, responsibility, creativity, initiative, sports, healthy living, cooperative spirit etc.


Learning Charter

The “Learning Charter” is a useful tool that we have designed exclusively in our School to serve the needs of our educational program. It sets out in detail the goals of each unit in each course and for all grades, from preschool to Senior High School, and the ways in which such goals are implemented. It ensures the smooth transition of the child from grade to grade, as well as from level to level, without gaps in its academic course, while developing cognitive, socio-emotional skills and values.

Teaching Models

The teaching models we use include reinforcing techniques, correlations and measurable results, in order for the student to build knowledge with active participation and interaction with the educational environment.

Teaching Plans

The teaching plans cover the entire range of courses. They provide the main body of the course objectives, its structure, the way it will be taught and the methodologies and assessment that the teacher will use.

Means and Infrastructures

Building facilities, Equipment of the classrooms, Technological infrastructures, Books, Digital multimedia material, Educational applications, general purpose applications, etc. are necessary for the implementation of our Educational Model.

People are an important factor. For this reason, we have formed specialized task forces, working to achieve the individual objectives, in accordance with the principles of Total Quality in a circle of target setting, design, development, assessment and review.