Foreign Languages

In the modern multicultural environment, acquiring one or more foreign languages ​​it is particularly important. In our School, learning English with an enhanced program starts already from the pre-school years and the second foreign language, French or German, from the 3rd grade of Primary School. The educational program we implement is certified by internationally recognized bodies.

Objectives and Targets

The objective of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​is to teach English, French and German at all levels of the School – Kindergarten, Primary, High School and Senior High School – following the needs of the students.

The target is to offer quality language services through quality certification processes by participating in the EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT FOR QUALITY LANGUAGE SERVICES – EAQUALS association. The EAQUALS certification of the Department of Foreign Languages is renewed at regular intervals, as it meets the standards of the Association, with high quality teaching, course organization programs, educational resources, written tests and assessment methods.

Also, by participating in the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR LANGUAGE TESTING AND ASSESSMENT-EALTA, we ensure the objectivity of the evaluation in terms of students’ performance and educational work.

We have partnerships with the following examination bodies: Cambridge ESOL, University of Michigan (English), INSTITUT FRANÇAIS (French) and Goethe-Institut Athens (German).


Educational program

Certification Exams