Kindergarten & eLearning

Sotiris Kapsilis – Kindergarten teacher

When I became a teacher, I understood that the most important part of my profession was teaching and with great effort I constantly tried to improve my teaching practices. However, as time passed, I was finally taught by my students that being a teacher is something much more. You don’t transfer knowledge but you discover it, there is no unique way to teach, only each student is unique, there is no unique model of learning and teaching, the teacher-student relationship is unique and teaching is one of the elements that make it up. The rest is love, caring, caring, understanding, education, joy and many, many more.

Not long ago we all experienced something unprecedented. A virus that appeared suddenly, captivated people worldwide. For the first time the whole of humanity fought together, putting health above every other thought, need and good. People showed their greatness in every way.

For us teachers it was not a duty, it was a desire and a need to stand by our students. To see them, communicate with them, listen to them and be as close as possible, given the circumstances. But this could not be realized without the support of the entire school, whose only concern from the first day of confinement was its “children”. With systematicity, organization, support in everything that every teacher and student needed, he made sure that no lesson time was lost, but above all that his students did not lose this unique relationship with their teachers and classmates, that is, this precious relationship with the school which now they needed more than ever and which made this strange and tiring everyday life somewhat normal.

All the teachers of Doukas Schools recognized this need of the children, but at the same time we also understood the anxiety of their parents for the future and covered it in every way and by every means. Many recognize how important it is for children to follow a specific schedule. So every Friday we sent a detailed and comprehensive weekly educational plan of what we would do the following week, so that students and their parents would be aware.

Without a doubt, play is the best learning and development process for children at this age and because the joy of play is greater up close, we look forward to being in our natural space, that is, in our classrooms.