New Student Enrolments

Enrollments of our new students start in October and last until May. Priority is given to the siblings of our students and the children of our Alumni.

Acquaintance Meeting with Parents

If you are interested in being informed in detail about the Philosophy, the Curriculum and the Activities of the School, you can schedule an in person meeting with the Head of the Enrolments Office, Mr. Panos Dotsios, every day from 08:30 to 15:30, at 210 6186107. You can see a 360​​° tour of our school here
Acquaintance meetings take place throughout the year.
During this meeting, you will fill an “Expression of Interest for Enrolment” form. If you wish to fill in your details before the meeting and send them electronically, find the enrolment form at the bottom of the page.

Get-to-Know Meeting with the Child

Before your child starts attending our School, we schedule a get-to-know meeting, during which we have the opportunity to ascertain his/her academic knowledge in the basic subjects, his/her weak points or possible gaps, so that we can take the necessary actions. at the beginning of the school year. The content of this meeting is different for each grade and for each level of studies.


After the get-to-know meeting with your child, we notify you about his/her enrolment and inform you about the necessary actions, school supplies and other useful details about the beginning of the new school year.

Αίτηση Εκδήλωσης Ενδιαφέροντος Εγγραφής