Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

(on our School’s Website )

Thank you for visiting our school’s website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) and we assure you that the protection of your personal data is our primary concern.

This Policy aims to inform you about the processing of personal data through our Website.

Useful definitions

For your better information, we use the following terms that have the corresponding meaning:

  • “Personal data”: refers to information relating to a natural person. The data are considered as personal, if the natural person to whom they relate can be identified directly or indirectly (i.e. by reference to a name, identity card number, home address and other contact details (telephones, email), internet protocol address of the device it uses to “enter” the internet (IPaddress), age, gender, external characteristics, marital status, educational level, profession, interests, etc. to whom the personal data relate is called the “data subject”.
  • “Processing” means any operation which is performed, whether or not by automated means, on personal data, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction; deletion or destruction.
  • “Legislation”: Greek and European legislation on the protection of natural persons regarding the processing of their personal data, including Regulation 2016/679 of the European Union (GDPR).
  • “Datalogs”: Electronic files of website traffic recorded on our server.
  • ​”Cookies”: Small textual data files that are installed on your electronic device (computer, mobile, tablet) when you visit the Website and provide specific information about your browsing on it.


What data we process and for what purpose

A) Data automatically registered on our server


When you enter the Website, we collect those personal data (datalogs) that are transmitted to our server by your browser and specifically:

  • InternetProtocol Address(IP-Adress)
  • Dateandtimeoftherequest
  • Time zonedifferencefromGreenwichMeanTime(GMT)
  • Contentoftherequest(specificpage)
  • Access/HTTP-Statuscode
  • Anyamountofdatatransferred
  • Website,fromwhichtherequestoriginates
  • Browser
  • Operatingsystemanditssurface
  • Languageandversionofbrowsersoftware



In addition to the above-mentioned data, when using the Website, cookies are stored on your computer, i.e. small textfiles that are stored on the device you are using and send to our server identification data of your device, i.e. a unique identification number is created.


B) Information entered by you

​ In order to contact us either by e-mail or through the contact form on our website, we store the data you provide to us (your e-mail, possibly your name and phone number), to answer your questions. In this context, if storage is no longer required, we delete the data in question or restrict their processing in case there is no obligation to store by law.


Information on cookies

The cookies used by our website refer to “Sessioncookies”, which are absolutely necessary for you to have unhindered access and use of our Website and cannot be disabled. “Sessioncookies” are small textfiles that are stored on the device you are using and send to our server identification data of your device, i.e. a unique identification number is created.

“Sessioncookies” can only be read by our Website. Their purpose is to make the user’s internet browsing more friendly and overall, more efficient.

“Session cookies” are deleted when you log out or close the browser.

Sessioncookies contain the following information:

  • Unique – random–visitorIDoftheWebsite
  • Timeoffirstvisit of thespecificvisitoroftheWebsite
  • Timeofpreviousvisitofthespecificvisitor
  • Numberofvisitsofthespecific


The legal basis for processing your data

The processing of your data through the Website is based on the following legal bases provided for in the Legislation.

​The basis for registering the internet protocol address and processing the data from the Log Files and the Mandatory Cookie, is our legitimate interest in protecting the security and integrity of the Website.


Links to third party websites

The Website refers to third party websites that may also process other data of their visitors/users, use different cookies, etc. We are not responsible for these websites and for any related matter, you should contact their respective owners.


Data retention period

The IP address of your device (computer, mobile or tablet) that is automatically registered on our server when you enter our Website is kept for three months from the date you enter the Website and is then automatically deleted.

Session-Cookies are deleted when you log out or close the browser.

Information that you provide to us in order to contact us either by e-mail or through the contact form of our website (your e-mail, possibly your name and phone number), is stored for as long as it is required in order to answer your questions and, if storage is no longer required, we delete such data or restrict their processing, in the event that there is no obligation to store by law.

In case of judicial or extrajudicial claims, the data will be retained until their irrevocable resolution or limitation period.


Your rights and how you can exercise them

You may at any time exercise the following rights enshrined in the General Regulation:

  • The right to be informed which of your data we process through the Platform and in what way, to receive copies there of as well as any other information about the processing carried out (“right to information and access”),
  • Right to rectification, i.e. to request the rectification and/or completion of inaccurate or in complete data, e. incase you change your e-mail address, you ask us to replace it with the new one,
  • Right to be forgotten, i.e to request the deletion and/or restriction of your data processing, if it is no longer necessary or if it is done in an unlawful manner or if the deletion is mandatory by law.
  • Right to restriction of processing ,i.e. to request the restriction of processing for as long as your request for their correction or deletion is pending,
  • Right to data portability, e. to receive your data in a readable electronic format and ask us to transmit it in this form to third parties indicated by you(for those data we process on the legal basis of the contract, the law and consent),
  • Right to object, i.e to object to the processing of your data


For the exercise of your above rights as well as for any communication regarding personal data, you can contact us by e-mail. In the same way you can submit to us any relevant questions or comments you may have.

Also, if you consider that personal data is affected in any way, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (Kifissias 1-3, 11523, Athens, 210-6475600,



Prior to any possible change in the processing of personal data through the Website, we will amend this Notice accordingly and post it, so that you can be informed about it and be able to exercise your rights effectively.