BYOD Teacher Training Nicosia – Cyprus


The BYOD Learning at Any Time, at Any Place via any Device project organized and held a 3-day teacher training on 25-28 September 2023. The training was hosted by the Cyprus Mathematical Society (CyMS) in its offices, in Nicosia Cyprus. The training had the form of a joint-staff training, thus, staff members from all the project partners attended the meeting, travelling from Poland, Greece, Spain, and Bulgaria to physically join.

The project members had the opportunity to present the teacher training modules that were developed within the context of the BYOD project, engage them on the hand-on activities, and obtain their valuable feedback to improve and optimize the training content. Some of the training modules presented, were:

  • BYOD Methodology understanding
  • Understanding the operation of the e-platform
  • Tools for developing video learning
  • Methods for developing video learning
  • (Activity) Development of learning video
  • (Activity) Make your video learning class on the platform
  • Development of BYOD Learning & Creativity Plans
  • (Activity) Develop your learning video with AI

TThe training was accompanied by trainees participation in social activities such as a joint dinner and a half-day visit of the city of Larnaca. Partners will now utilize the feedback obtained by trainees to evaluate the content and delivery of the training modules and act accordingly towards their improvement.

More information about the project available at: