EDUValues Project at Brussels school


The Europe Diverse and United Project (EDUValues) visited the Atheneum Royal Jean Absil school located in Etterbeek Brussels, Belgium. The project partners had the opportunity to present to 50 students the outcomes of the project, and mainly the results that are most relevant to them, such as the student modules, the interactive game, etc.

More specifically, during the first part of the presentation, students were presented with the 3 student modules. Starting from the History module, were they had the opportunity to take part in several kahoot quiz games, as part of the module, testing some of the knowledge they gained from the part of the module relating to history info and facts. Students were also presented with the content of the other two modules, European Union Culture, and European Union General Knowledge.

At the end, students were presented with the 3D digital game, similar to trivial pursuit, with the game players having to answer trivia questions related to the EU to advance through the game board and finish in the first place!

On the side of the presentation to students, project partners discussed with teachers of the school, informing them of the project content that relates to them and the teaching profession.

For more information you can visit the official site of the project here.