FACILITATE AI: Training Course for Teacher Facilitators of Learning in AI-STEAME Education


The FACILITATE AI Training Course, held from July 12th to July 15th, 2023, at Doukas School in Athens, Greece, brought together 31 participants for the matter of fostering the learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) among school students in Grades 7-12. This course aimed to equip teacher facilitators with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively integrate AI-STEAME education into their classrooms. Participants were introduced to the key objectives and structure of the training program, emphasizing the importance of motivation, creative resources, and ethics of AI in education.

Modules and Presentations:

Throughout the course, participants engaged in a series of interactive modules designed to enhance their understanding and application of AI in education. These modules included:

  • Module 1: Motivation, Creative Resources and Ethics in Education
  • Module 2: Facilitate-AI Online Platform
  • Module 3: Nine L&C Plan Presentations
  • Module 3.1: Solving problems of movement, speed, organization of our movement within the city with the use of AI tools
  • Module 3.2: Prolog in the service of AI (Applications, e.g., family relationship)
  • Module 3.3: Image Classification – Find the Zombies
  • Module 3.4: Pathway to Innovation
  • Module 3.5: AI in STEAME
  • Module 3.6: Guess who?
  • Module 3.7: AI Profession Orientation Chatbot
  • Module 3.8: Digital Assistants
  • Module 3.9: Elements of AI Ethics
  • Module 4: Practicum: Implementation by Trainees
  • Module 5: Presentation by Trainees

Participants had the opportunity to put their learnings into practice during the Practicum module, where they created AI-STEAME activities for their future teaching contexts. The trainees’ creativity was showcased during the Trainee Presentations, where they shared their proposed activities of implementing AI-STEAME education in the classrooms. Furthermore, a small contest was held through an activity, with the prize being won by a participant from IVAN APOSTOLOV School. The training course concluded with an evaluation from the participants, who had the opportunity to provide feedback on the course and reflect on their learning journey.

In summary, the FACILITATE AI Training Course successfully equipped 31 participants with the knowledge, resources, and practical skills required to effectively facilitate AI education in Grades 7-12. This event not only fostered innovation and creativity in the classroom but also empowered teachers to prepare students for a future that is increasingly influenced by AI technologies.

To learn more about the project you can visit the website here and the Facebook page here.