Facilitating the learning of Artificial Intelligence


The FACILITATE – AI, is a two-year Erasmus+ project about guidelines for facilitating the learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by School Students of Grades 7-12. The project is coordinated by the Cyprus Mathematical Society.

The aim of the FACILITATE – AI, is to support school teachers in developing an inquiry base and
evidence-based understanding of the complexities and principles of AI and also the algorithmic creative
thinking to be implemented in the learning curriculum of school students of grades 7-12. Additionally,
the results will be applied using STEAME in an aim to develop the AI-STEAME to be used by teachers.
The ultimate objective of the project is to help the future generations to develop competence and
readiness to the digital transformation with emphasis in the use and applications of AI.
The evolution of education of AI in modern schools will help the current and future generations to
escape from the traditional learning systems and enter the new generation of digital learning systems,
which are continuously enhanced with artificial intelligence elements.

Details: Facilitate AI Press Release

Website: www.FACILITATE-AI.eu