My-ID: My Identity, My Idea to be Myself


Doukas School participates in the Erasmus+ project ‘My-ID: My Identity, My Idea to be Myself’ with a duration of 24 months (November 2021 – October 2023). My-ID project (My Identity, My Idea to be Myself) aims at supporting a comprehensive approach and specific educative actions to address discrimination and inequality experienced on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics in school.

The project directly benefits students – through concrete classroom activities to integrate gender sensitivity in specific subjects; teachers and other school staff – through materials and training to empower them to start dialogue and educating about sexual and gender issues; and parents – by providing them guidance so to understand and accept sexual and gender diversity.



· To integrate sensitivity for sexual and gender diversity in secondary schools;

· To empower teachers to start educating about gender issues and on how to deal with potential conflicts arising from this;

· To inform and mentor parents to understand, tolerate, and accept sexual and gender diversity.


· Desk research and need analysis with students, teachers, and parents to understand the specific needs regarding gender and sexual inclusivity;

· Development of activities and materials for teachers to conduct in the classroom and for parents;

· Organization of an international training mobility for teachers to acquire the skills and tools proposed;

· Piloting and evaluation sessions of the activities developed with students, teachers, and parents.



· Fondazione Hallgarten – Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca (Italy)

· DEFOIN – Formación para el Desarrollo y la Inserción (Spain)

· GALE – Stichting Global Alliance for LGBT Education (Netherlands)

· EUROTRAINING Educational Organisation (Greece)

· CESIE (Italy)

· Xarxa I Col-laboració Serveis Educatius (Spain)

· Iedersland College (Netherlands)