STEAME project… 25 months later!

The 6th newsletter of the STEAME Project includes some of the results and the outputs useful for teachers and education policy makers:

  • The announcement of European STEAME Communication Idol of 2022.
  • The competition for writing a journalistic expository article of philosophical reflection, investigation and expression of ideas on the subject: “The Role of Mathematics in STEAME Education”.
  • The course for STEAME Activities in Schools.
  • The STEAME Observatory, a tool mainly for schoolteachers to support a dynamic and adaptive STEAME Curriculum in their schools.
  • The Electronic Journal for STEAME Creations for and by School Students.
  • The Handbook of STEAME Learning & Creativity Plans (English), already published in the STEAME website.
  • The book publication “Guidelines for dynamic and adaptive STEAME curricula” (IO1).
  • The book publication “Guidelines for STEAME Activities in Schools for two Age groups-Publication” (IO2).
  • The book publication “Guidelines for STEAME School Organizational Structure” (IO3).The results of the European Projects for developing STEAME Schools of the Future (IO4).
  • STEAME Events through Europe – Gallery.

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