Journeys without borders in our STEAM world


On Friday 21/1/2022, the STEAMitUP Multiplier Event took place at Doukas Schools and was attended by teachers from both primary and secondary education and different disciplines, school principals, teacher trainers as well as researchers and other stakeholders in the field of education. During the event all the developed outputs were presented to the participants:

The participants had the opportunity, through the use of mobile devices (tablets), to navigate through the Toolkit and the eLearning platform. Thus, they had the chance to try and explore, hands-on, the project platform through which they have access to educational material for different subjects, based on the STEAM approach. The aim was to highlight the accessibility to educational materials, the number of lesson plans and the immediate dissemination that aims to facilitate the educational work of all teachers in Europe.

Overall, the event was successfully organised and implemented, and based on the comments by the participants at the end. They shared their experiences and claimed that they further advanced their skillset and knowledge towards a more effective educational system for future generations.

More info: STEAMitUP Website & Facebook page