The 1st Newsletter of the SIEMdig project


SIEMdig: Social Inclusion and Emotional Maturity of the Society’s youngest participants helped by digitally competent teachers.

About the Project

SIEMdig is a European project co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ KA220-SCH Program. Running from
December 1, 2023, to November 30, 2025, it is coordinated by the University of the National Education Commission in Krakow, Poland.
The project aims to innovate primary education through digital tools, empathy, and community engagement, empowering teachers to
enhance their digital skills and integrate digital content effectively.

Project Objectives

1. Supporting Primary School Teachers: SIEMdig will equip educators with digital tools and resources, along with comprehensive instructions, to strengthen their digital competence, enabling them to better navigate the digital landscape of modern education.
2. Fostering Acceptance and Empathy Among Pupils: Through an interactive digital storytelling platform, SIEMdig aims to cultivate empathy and acceptance among young pupils by presenting real-life challenges faced by disadvantaged individuals. These stories, coupled with resources to support students and teachers, rubrics designed to provoke awareness and empathy, seek to break down social barriers and promote inclusivity.
3. Promoting Community Engagement: SIEMdig plans to bridge the gap between schools and communities by facilitating dialogue and understanding of children’s challenges. By engaging the broader community, the project aims to foster inclusion beyond the school environment, creating a supportive ecosystem for all children to thrive.

Project Results

1. Repository of Digital Resources to support teachers in becoming integrators of digital content, enabling them to deliver dynamic and
engaging lessons.
2. Interactive Digital Storytelling Platform featuring narratives that highlight real-life challenges faced by disadvantaged pupils. Accompanied by rubrics for teachers, these stories will serve as catalysts for empathy and understanding.
3. Guide for Social Inclusion: A guide targeting teachers, pupils, and the community will be developed to promote social inclusion and
foster a culture of acceptance and empathy within schools and beyond.
4. Training Program to educators to familiarise them with the interactive digital storytelling platform, empowering them to leverage its potential in the classroom effectively.

Kick-off Meeting

The Consortium held the in-person kick off meeting from 24 to 25 March 2024 in Krakow, and it was hosted by UKEN. Discussions
focused on the content of the Repository of Digital Resources and Interactive Digital Storytelling Platform with an outreach to some parts of Guide for Social Inclusion. Partners pointed out that the meeting was very successful and is preparing the stage for the work ahead.

For more information you can visit the official webpage of the project here or the Facebook page here.