The Pilot Phase of STEAM4ALL project at Doukas School


In the context of the project “STEM4ALL: Towards an Inclusive STEAM Programme for ALL”, for the technology course of the 7th grade, two lesson plans were designed to cover energy transformation topics including fossil fuels, alternative and renewable energy, and transfer, transform and conserve of energy on earth and in space. The course also included a workshop where students could design and construct energy transformers using low-cost materials, as well as an energy conversion game. The pilot phase of the project was implemented from 5th of December to 31st of March with the help of three teachers, and 135 students participated in the activities. The lesson plans involved discussions, videos, simulations, experiments, and games, and the workshop used the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to guide students in their construction. The learning methodology included simulation, gaming, and construction.

The STEAM4ALL project’s testing and validation phase was successful, with teachers finding the theoretical framework and lesson plans to be useful for primary and secondary-level students. Students engaged in the activities with enthusiasm, with most gaining a deeper understanding of energy and its various forms. The energy conversion game was particularly popular, with students enjoying it and indicating that they would play it again. Teachers observed high levels of student engagement and participation in the activities, regardless of academic performance or background. Overall, the program was successful in providing an enjoyable and enriching learning experience. There were no particular difficulties encountered during the process, with teachers finding that everything went smoothly based on the design of the activities. The students’ constructions will be presented at a future event, and these activities will be added to the technology curriculum from the next year.

For more information about the project, you can visit the official website here and the Facebook page here.