Within the framework of the healthy diet and exercise program “Healthy Body”, the canteens and the restaurant of our School follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet in collaboration with a nutritionist.

The children have the opportunity to eat either from our Canteens, with a variety of healthy snacks or in our Restaurant that offers a carefully selected menu every month, cooked with pure ingredients.

Kindergarten children can purchase their mid-morning snack from the Kindergarten Canteen or bring a snack from home. To all the children who attend our After School Activities (from 14:00 to 16:00), we offer lunch cooked with pure ingredients and in collaboration with our nutritionist.

Primary school children can either purchase goods from our Canteens or bring a snack from home or have lunch at our Restaurant every day or on days chosen by their parents.

The children of High School – Senior High School -IB purchase goods from our Canteens or have lunch in our Restaurant.