Covid-19 Helpline



The new normal in our lives, as it has been shaped by the conditions of the pandemic, is now governed by guidelines for the protection of the health of us all.

The present was prepared by our School Operation Study & Management Team based on COVID-19 Protocols and describes measures and guidelines to address the spread of COVID-19, in knowledge of the fact that the situation is still fluid and plans could change from today until the first day or even after the start of the school year, depending on the evolution of the transmissibility of the virus.

These rules are based on corresponding guidelines and recommendations of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP), the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as on the provisions of national and Community health and safety legislation.

Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and the competent authorities, taking care of the strict implementation of the rules that we have adapted to the needs of our everyday operation but also maintaining systematic communication and cooperation with all of you, we are ready to adapt to a new reality and ensure that your children will receive all the necessary supplies this school year as well.

The new school year begins in full operation. However, we are fully prepared to use other ways of educational function, such as distance learning and the rotating presence of students in the school, depending on the epidemiological data and the corresponding decisions of the Ministry of Education.

It is important to adopt in our daily lives and of course, at School, a responsible, individual and collective, Life Attitude, in order to protect the health of ourselves, our children’s and of the people belonging to vulnerable groups.


Personal hygiene measures and personal protective equipment

  • Masks are provided to all employees and students by both the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the School. Masks are worn by all those who attend meetings in meeting rooms and offices of associates, as well as by those who move within shared areas of the School and Dais. All our partners are updated and abide by this measure. Our students will gradually become familiar with this measure during the first days through systematic updates from the teachers, the nurse and the administrative and support staff of our School. A recommendation has been made to the School associates to use a mask in open spaces, when students are present there.
  • Based on the recent announcements by the Minister of Education, use of the mask by the teachers is mandatory during classes as well as during cooperation with other teachers.
  • It has been strongly recommended to avoid, where possible, meetings and gatherings of large groups of fellow-workers indoors and to carry out teleconferences.
  • Gatherings of fellow-workers at the entrances of the School and Dais are avoided.
  • Contacts with people who have symptoms of a respiratory infection is avoided without taking appropriate precautions.
  • Fortnightly sample molecular testing for COVD-19 will be performed on a random group of employees after 14/9, in collaboration with a certified laboratory center.
  • The compliance of employees and third parties for the implementation of good personal hygiene practices (hands, respiratory secretions etc.) is monitored, while providing the appropriate means for cleaning and disinfection, as well as garbage bags.
  • Antiseptic solutions (in the form of liquid, foam, gel, soaked wipes) are provided to the employees and appropriate hand disinfection devices have been installed at the exits / entrances and in the shared areas of the Organization, with emphasis on the cases when the employees come in contact with public.
  • A recommendation has been made to avoid consuming any kind of food in the workplace.
  • Employees have been informed – and updates will be made – on the safe use and supervision of use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), by the nurse and the occupational physician.
  • The nurse of our school and our teachers will regularly inform the students of all grades about the way of using and keeping their personal mask, the appropriate way of cleaning and disinfecting their hands, the traffic flows in the school premises in order to avoid contact when entering and leaving their classrooms and school buildings, the points that have been marked and about the care that must be taken to maintain safe distances.
  • All students can fill their individual drinking flasks with water or purchase individual water bottles from the canteens of our School.

All students are advised to avoid sharing their personal items (mask, pencils, notebooks etc.).


  1. Environmental measures to control the spread of the virus

Environmental measures to control the spread of the virus include:

  • the installation of thermal cameras at each entrance of the school for the measurement of students’ temperature when entering into the school and their isolation in a special area at the First Aid Station, in case they have low-grade fever or fever; 
  • the daily temperature intake of all employees upon entering the Organization; 
  • the prohibition of parents entering the School, except only for a) scheduled meetings with educational or administrative associates of the School and b) going to the Financial Services department to settle issues related to the enrollment or re-enrollment of students. Parents temperature will be taken upon their entrance to the school; 
  • the modification of our internal procedures related to the students handing over and pick up at the School entrance; 
  • the adequate ventilation of workplaces, classrooms and school buses; 
  • the regular maintenance of the ventilation – air conditioning systems by the maintenance team of our Organization; 
  • the systematic cleaning of spaces (classrooms, each time the room is going to be used by students of other departments, laboratories, computer classrooms, music classrooms, musical instruments, shared areas, stairwells, doors) and of work surfaces, work equipment as well as tools, appliances and objects used (knobs, switches, remote controls, telephones, keyboards, musical instruments etc.), by the cleaning team, which has been updated and trained on the special cleaning and disinfection guidelines, as provided by EODY; 
  • the systematic cleaning of shared areas such as changing rooms, baths, dining halls etc.; 
  • disinfection by spraying (with approved preparations) of areas where a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19 infection has been detected; 
  • the placement of protective dividers at the main points of contact between students and parents with the secretaries, the financial services, the enrolments department and the AC Doukas School cash office etc.; 
  • making available and installation of covered waste bins, where disposable PPE is discarded, as well as wipes, napkins or other means used to disinfect work surfaces and personal hygiene items; 
  • the marking of shared areas, in order to delimit the safety distances between children; 


Brief rules for our students

The new conditions that have been created worldwide during the ongoing health crisis of Covid-19, require the strict application of all the basic hygiene rules as well as additional preventive measures by all of us.


The use of a mask is mandatory in all indoor areas of the School as well as on school buses. You will need to make sure that you have the mask / masks with you every day and wear it when boarding the school bus in the morning and at noon. There is no provision for such obligation outdoors, except in the case of overcrowding (eg gathering of students to leave for an educational visit, waiting to board on school buses, waiting for service from the outside canteens). Mask should be used in a correct way and for this you should carefully follow the instructions that you will receive from your teachers and the school nurse.

There will be special bins at the School to dispose of your mask.

Keeping distance is crucial and therefore you should avoid overcrowding in all areas of the school (eg classrooms, stairs, various entrances, courtyard, canteens).

Wash your hands often with soap and water or an antiseptic solution for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating and using the toilet.

Avoid putting your hands in your mouth, nose or eyes.

Do not exchange personal items (such as pens, pencils, erasers, banknotes, coins etc.) with your classmates.

When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue, which you will immediately throw in a waste bin. 

In case of fever, cough or difficulty breathing, inform your parents / guardians or teacher immediately and stay home until you feel completely well.