Our children are safely transported every day, by morning, noon and afternoon itineraries, depending on each student’s program.

Children depart from and return directly to their home and not to another place, which makes it very easy for the students and their parents.

Students are transported to and from the School by privately owned school and tourist buses (our external partners who are certified for road safety with the BS ISO 39001:2012 and EN ISO90001: 2015 standards), which meet the specifications and conditions defined by the applicable laws, ministerial decisions and police regulations related to the transportation of students and have the insurance coverage provided by law for bodily injuries of passengers and third parties and for material damages of third parties.

All the buses used for the transportation of students are in excellent functional and mechanical condition, the annual regular maintenance thereof is carried out by the specialized engineers of the maintenance department or by specialized external partners. They have a certificate of suitability (KTEO) of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports for heavy vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3.5 tons, as well as the extra characteristics required for school buses:

  • Seat belts (of European standards, CE certified)
  • Speed ​​limiter certificate
  • Tachograph certificate
  • Lighting in the seats
  • Safety hammers for breaking windows in case of emergency
  • There are no protrusions in the construction of the seats or they are adequately covered with special density foam material
  • School bus marking with indications: SCHOOL BUS at the front and rear of the vehicle and 60 – 80km speed limit 
  • Portable medicine cabinet that is renewed at the beginning of each school year as well as a safety warning triangle
  • Dry dust fire extinguishers which are maintained at the beginning of each school year

The school buses pass KTEO inspection every year and renew the Exhaust Card every six months.

It is worth noting that during inspections carried out by the Traffic Police during the first month of the new school year on seven (7) school buses of the School, our school buses “excelled” since no breach was assessed in any of them.