The transfer of pupils to and from the school is carried out by privately owned and leased school buses that meet the necessary security standards and conditions laid down by applicable laws, ministerial decisions and police provisions. Insurance coverage for body third parties harm and for third party damage is also applicable.

Our school bus stuff is chosen with strict criteria, is experienced, showing high responsibility, courtesy and sensitivity to our students.
With the School Bus Monitor (SBM) management and supervision system, parents can supervise and know in real time, the exact location of their child’s school bus position.

Extraordinary changes to the pre -agreed program of students’ transportation are made only in writing at the following email address “” and no later than 12:00 am on the day of departure.

Students’ transfer is fully coordinated by the School Transportation Department. For any further information, you can contact Mrs Dina Grammenou, tel. 210 6186140 email: