ONLIFE Multiplier Event


The ONLIFE event was organised by R&D Department of Doukas School in Athens, Greece on the 6th of May 2023 at school’s premises. Thomas Oikonomou, Project Manager & Coordinator of the R&D Department presented the outputs of the project: “Empower hybrid Competences for Onlife Adaptable Teaching in School Education in times of pandemic”.

The project aims at empowering teachers and school leaders to face the digital transformation of the educational system in time of crisis. The goal is to reinforce the schools to provide high quality and inclusive digital education to their students through the development of the following Outputs:

O1. Guidebook “Pattern for enhancing digital technologies in School education”

O2. Guidebook “ONLIFE Learning Environment”

– ONLIFE Learning Platform

O3. Guidebook “ONLIFE Learning Paradigm (OLP) for the recognition and validation of Competences for School Education professionals”

– ONLIFE Self-Assessment Tool

O4. Guidebook “Recommendation and Guidelines for School System bodies”

– Executive Summary of Recommendations and Guidelines for School System Bodies

For more information you can visit the project’s website here and Facebook page here.